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2018 Mid-Year Report: Cybersecurity Stats

Cybersecurity stats show 2017 as another “worst year ever” for cyberattacks. There were several large breaches in personal data, including Equifax’s security breach that exposed nearly 145 million people. According to the Online Trust Alliance, there was even a 90% rise in business targeted ransomware. But how has 2018 compared so far? Cybersecurity stats for

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How to Set an IT Budget

Budgets are difficult things. At their hearts, budgets are about allocating resources – determining what expenditures will provide the most value, and then planning to make them. That can be complex in its own right, but for businesses juggling the demands of growth and the politics of different departments, allocating budgets can be even more

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5 Trends for IT Services in Frederick, Maryland

Today’s business world is constantly changing, and that impacts the local business environment in Frederick. The context: Frederick, Maryland is a small-to-medium sized city with a lot of small-to-medium sized businesses. Frederick is also starting to see growth in its STEM industries with companies such as Thermo-Fisher Scientific and Yakabod. This growth brings an increasing

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Lessons Learned from the Atlanta Government Hack

A cyberattack on your business is something you don’t realize the devastating effects of until it actually happens. Having a proactive plan in place is the most important step when dealing with a cyberattack attack, as there’s little you can do after the fact to recover from lost time, money and data. It didn’t take

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What You Should Do Now: The Aftermath of Spectre and Meltdown

Starting 2018 off with a bang, the single largest computer security threat to date was announced with the discovery of the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws which impact devices produced as far back as 1995. Virtually everyone has been affected by this threat and currently, there’s no way to determine if a device has been

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The Weakest Link in Your Network

It doesn’t matter how great the lock is. If someone leaves the front door open, the building won’t be secure. The same principle is true in cybersecurity. For all of the technical ingenuity that goes into protecting digital assets – the firewalls, the levels of encryption, the access controls – the biggest potential danger to

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Ransomware Aftermath – Recover Your Data or Start Over

No organization wants to end up here: facing the computer, files locked, with a demand for payment glaring from the frozen screen in mockery – the victim of a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, in 2017, more people and businesses than in any previous year found themselves in just this situation. Ransomware attack frequency increased by upwards

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An Introduction to the Different Types of Ransomware Attacks

A decade ago, ransomware was rare. No longer. Today, it’s a game-changing threat. The unfortunate reality is that ransomware is on the rise, and businesses need to be prepared. To help with that preparation, here’s an introduction to ransomware: how it started, how it spreads, and how it can be categorized into specific types of

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6 Cyber Security Tips for Medical Offices

There is more digital personal health data in existence than ever before. And health data in general is less secure than ever before – witness the unprecedented number of cyber attacks and the increase in compromised health data over the past year. All is not lost, though; part of the reason for the unprecedented data

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5 Cybersecurity Tips for Manufacturers that Will Prevent Expensive Downtime

I’m not sure congratulations are in order here, but during the second quarter of 2017 manufacturers attained the number one spot becoming the top targeted sector for cyber-attacks. According to the US National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), 39% of all cyber-attacks in 2016 were against the manufacturing industry. Since the beginning of 2017 attacks

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