Getting the Most For Your IT Budget

Are you ready to try Managed IT Services? For a simple, low monthly cost, your entire IT infrastructure is covered and maintained by our expert team of on-site IT engineers and East-coast-based remote IT staff. Our seasoned professionals will meet with you to provide proactive guidance to help avoid the causes of downtime and keep your systems secure.

Benefits of Fixed Cost IT in Managed IT Services

  • Fixed cost for your budget without sacrificing service
  • On-site IT staff helps your team before situations become problems
  • Routine tasks taken care of without worry
  • Consulting, care and customer service all in one

Additional fees may apply if you have:

  • Lots of data to back up
  • Complex applications (custom-coded, no vendor support, complex integrations, Internet access)
  • Additional branch offices
  • Complex networking (VPNs, multiple data centers)
  • Special operational compliance requirements (HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, etc)
  • Off-hours operations
  • Special business requirements