technical support in maryland

Yes, Your Business Needs Technical Support in Maryland

All businesses, no matter how small, use computers and other types of technology. It has become as mandatory in the office as having paper and a coffee maker. Depending on the size of the business,

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cloud infrastructure in maryland

What Makes Up Cloud Infrastructure in Maryland?

What exactly is cloud storage or cloud computing? Today, most people could give you a pretty good answer. Answers will probably range from “It’s a virtual site that can house your files so you

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ransomware education

Ransomware Education 101: How to Protect your Company from Being Held Hostage

For today's Ransomware Education 101 class, close your eyes and imagine this scene ... You come home after a long day of work to find your house completely sealed, you can’t get in, and your key

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IT Consultant

Avoid the High Cost of Business Downtime, Partner with an IT Consultant

Think your Small to Mid-Sized company Can’t Afford an IT Consultant? Think Again. I know the face you’re making after reading this headline, it’s the same one I make when my teenager says she

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HIPAA IT Requirements

How HIPAA IT Regulations Are Changing and Five Ways to Protect your Medical Practice

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, passed in 1996, was designed to establish national standards for protecting confidential patient medical data. In addition, the HIPAA

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IT Service Desk

Why Your Business Needs an IT Service Desk

  Let me guess – your office has never experienced any technical issues and all the hardware/software in your office works just as advertised? Yeah, right. In times of technology-related

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virtual servers

Why Your Business Needs Virtual Servers

  A vast majority of companies big and small need to have a server. Whether it is just a small server in the back office or a large server closet, most businesses need a computer server for

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why you need an experienced it professional stressed boss looking at servers

You Need an Experienced IT Professional

When your business grows to a certain size, the need for IT help becomes apparent. You spend too much time fixing computers and updating software and too little time working to grow your business. It

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doctors office it security

5 IT Security Tips for Doctors’ Offices

Everyone can agree that IT security is essential for doctors’ offices in order to keep private information secure. Unfortunately, not everyone acts on this shared belief. IT security for doctors is

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file sharing

Folder Permissions, File Sharing, and You

Having a file sharing system for your business is critical – there’s simply no way around it. Whether it is on Google Drive or a more complicated file sharing service, you have hopefully set up

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