Swift Systems Partners with Veeam, Expanding IT Services & Cloud Platform

May 21, 2014 (Frederick, MD) – Swift Systems, a regional managed IT services and cloud infrastructure provider, partners with Veeam® Software, an innovative provider of backup, replication, and

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New Technical Project Manager at Swift Systems – Ryan Worrell

Swift Systems officially welcomes Ryan Worrell, Technical Project Manager. In October 2013, Ryan joined the Swift IT team and took the reins to lead Swift’s engineering projects from inception to

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How To Handle The Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerability

An Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerability was exposed over the weekend, as Microsoft disclosed zero day in all versions of IE. The vulnerability allows what is termed a “use after free” attack. The

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How To Protect Your Business From The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is the latest in a long line of software exploits with the potential to steal your information and it was a vulnerability for 2 years. 2 years!! On April 7th the Heartbleed Bug

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How To Backup Data & Avoid Complete Failure

If you haven’t yet had the experience of a hard drive crash, consider yourself lucky. Many have had to call IT to diagnose whether their system experienced an Operating System failure, hard drive

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Microsoft To Drop Windows XP, Exchange 2003, & Office 2003 Support

It’s time to move on to Windows 7 or 8 and bid farewell to Windows XP. After 12 years of service and support, Microsoft Windows XP and Exchange Server 2003/Office 2003 are being phased out by the

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How To Protect Against Technology Thieves

It's simple.  Sit where they can see you and tell them why you would taste good. If you are in the technology or intellectual property development game, please... you need to heed the dire

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Social Engineering Scam Warning: “Give me your credit card number or something bad will happen.”

Phone rings. The person on the line tells you that they handle the maintenance for your printer and you are due for new printer toner cartridges. Please confirm the serial numbers on your printer. If

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The City of Frederick’s IT Department Outsources & Eliminates SPAM

Swift Purify: Cloud Spam Product IT Case Study Customer Profile: The City of Frederick is the hub of arts, culture, commerce and government within Frederick County, MD. Located less than an

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Google Chromecast Review – Why All The Hoopla?

So what? What’s the big deal with Google’s latest gadget? I can already stream from my laptop when it’s hooked up to my TV. I can already play a slideshow and play games and apps from my

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