Planning for Your IT Guy’s Vacation

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the IT guy of a small business to go on vacation. If the business owner acts as the IT guy, then it looks like vacation is not happening for them

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What to Do with That Old Computer

Every company has those old computers sitting around that haven’t been used for years - those backups of backups of backups. And, of course, no one ever gets around to throwing them away, because

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How to Make IT a Competitive Advantage

Your IT department should be a resource, not a necessary evil. It should be an asset, not a liability. If your IT department is nothing but another monthly expense, you are missing out on what could

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3 Keys to Maximize Uptime

Obviously, maximizing the uptime of your company’s systems is critical to your success. To do this, it's necessary to have good backups in place to provide redundancy. On top of that,

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Sharing HIPAA Data Safely

As discussed in a previous post, HIPAA compliance is essential in order to both avoid fines and keep your customers' information safe. It can seem overwhelmingly complicated, but it doesn’t have to

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hipaa protection

HIPAA Protection: Are My Computers Safe?

Ensuring your computers are HIPAA protected is not easy. There are many intricacies that can trip you up, and if something happens that causes you to violate HIPAA there are significant

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No More Midnight Patches

We know what it's like to be seeing the sunrise on a patch process that took way too long, while your wife and kids wonder why Dad’s not home this morning. Aren’t you ready for a change of pace

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IT Downtime Calculator

Nobody likes losing money. This is especially true when it comes to unforeseen expenses such as experiencing downtime. A few hours of downtime can have a much more significant effect on the bottom

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Does Your IT Policy Make Your Customers Uncomfortable?

To many, an IT policy is simply an internally ignored recommendation written 30 years ago that they saw at some point during their employee orientation. In actuality, these policies not only preserve

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The Definitive List of IT acronyms

When you live in the world of IT, it can be tough to remember that to normal people, the acronyms we use on a daily basis aren't exactly standard knowledge. To help, we've compiled this definitive

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