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Dedicated Healthcare IT Solutions that Make Your Job Easier

Coming up on the ninth hour of your sixth consecutive day of work, the last think you want to hear is someone say, “My email isn’t working and I can’t access this file, can you?” All you want is to have healthcare IT solutions that actually work so you can go home.

Finding dedicated healthcare IT solutions, however, can be challenging. You want the best IT support team, but you know they need to understand the rules and regulations of HIPAA. It also helps if they’re experts on security and protection.

Just as important, though, is having a company that can actually keep your technology running when you need it while keeping downtime to a minimum. Having an IT company competent in HIPAA regulations is great, but if they take 12 hours to repair a downed server, they won’t do.

Having the right managed IT services company means making your job easier – so you can focus on all the other aspects of your job. Let’s take a look at how the right healthcare IT solutions should look.

HIPAA – Knowledge and Experience

You understand how complicated all the rules and regulations of HIPAA can be. You also know just how easy it can be for one tiny accident to bring extremely expensive fines. A company that promises the best healthcare IT solutions can’t help you or your practice if it doesn’t fully understand and grasp the complexities of HIPAA.

That’s only scratching the surface, though. It’s one thing to understand HIPAA’s complexities, but knowing how to incorporate those in the world of ever-changing technology is something else entirely. In order to sleep a little easier at night, choosing a managed IT services company with experience working with healthcare practices is a must.

For an even better solution, it’s good to hire a managed IT services company that will come to your practice and teach everyone the dos and don’ts when it comes to HIPAA and technology. This way, you don’t have to worry about scheduling time for you or someone in human resources to teach everyone – yet another way the right healthcare IT solutions help make your job easier.

Cyber Security – Protection from Attacks, Viruses, and Ransomware

The news lately has been filled with stories of hackers attacking major companies – such as Verizon and HBO – and stealing information. There are also hackers who manage to install programs that completely encrypt your files so you can’t get access to them unless you pay a ransom.

Sadly, it’s not just major companies affected by ransomware attacks. Hospitals and other medical facilities all over the world have been hit by ransomware, while others are seeing a massive increase in attacks.

Once your servers are infected with ransomware, unfortunately you only have two options – pay the ransom (which is greatly discouraged) or completely erase everything on your server and start over.

As part of your healthcare IT solutions plan, having a managed IT services team committed to protecting your practice is crucial. Your practice needs a company who understands what to look for before an attack happens, and what to do if an attack does happen. Proactive measures, including the right software and the knowledge to go with it, will keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

In-Person Support – Help that’s Just Around the Corner

While it’s great to have 24-7 support by phone, especially for any late-night situations, it’s just as important to have a friendly face greet you in person when issues arise.

There are companies that hire IT support firms that might be set up somewhere overseas. When you need someone to come and work on computers, or if a network issue comes up, it’s much better to have someone come to your practice, talk with you to find out the problem, and make sure it’s fixed before they leave.

Hiring a managed IT services firm gives you the peace of mind knowing that if something bad does happen, someone is just around the corner to help get it working again. Of course, as part of the best healthcare IT solutions, making sure these issues are few and far between is key.

Proactive Response – Preparing for Issues Before They Happen

Let’s face it, technology can be very fickle. Some days you might have issues with the printer, while other times a computer decides it just doesn’t want to work anymore. These problems cause downtime, and the more downtime you have, the less productive everyone in your practice will be.

A good managed IT services company will know these things happen – ahead of time. Perhaps that computer just needs updates? Maybe the printer is on its last leg and needs to be replaced? A big part of healthcare IT solutions is knowing the technology your practice has, how old it is, and ways to keep it running.

With a proactive response, this team of IT experts – the ones who actually come to your practice – know all of the technology your practice uses and how to keep it up and running so you can avoid downtime. If it’s time for something to be replaced, they will talk with you about it, explain why it needs to be replaced, and provide you with options.

A GREAT managed IT services company will never make you feel pressured into doing something that’s not in the best interest of your practice. They work for you and your practice, wanting only to help you succeed.

The Right Call – Swift Systems

When you’re looking for the right choice for your healthcare IT solutions, it’s important you find the right company that can do all of these things and more. Plus, it helps to have them nearby.

For almost two decades, Swift Systems has helped healthcare practices in Maryland, just like yours, take care of their IT needs. From offering Compliance as a Service for HIPAA, to cloud hosting, to providing state-of-the-art Sophos Intercept X ransomware protection, Swift Systems has the experts and experience you need … right around the corner.

Our friendly staff can help your practice tackle all of your IT needs, so you can finally go home after work without worrying about an IT emergency for a change. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today, or call us at 301-682-5100, and let’s talk about how Swift Systems can provide you with all the healthcare IT solutions you’ll ever need.