How to Calculate the True Cost of Downtime – SwiftSystems

Unplanned downtime costs businesses an average of $2 million over the last three years. In 2014 the average downtime cost per hour was $164,000. By 2016, that statistic had exploded by 59% to $260,000 per hour. Most downtime is attributed to system failures, cyber attacks, equipment outages, human error, and natural disasters. This article explores

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10 Reasons Managed IT Services Make More Sense

The old model of IT is broken. What do we mean by the “old model”? Traditionally, IT help has taken two forms: Outsourced, hourly help, paid based on how long something takes to fix Internal hires, salaried and tasked with serving all IT needs To tell it truthfully, these solutions have never been the most

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10 Benefits of an On-Site IT Service

You’re at work cranking along and suddenly, the internet goes out. No access to email, no web-based software, no phones, no WIFI, basically you and everyone else in the office grind to a complete and sudden stop. This is the moment it hits us: without a connection to technology, we’re completely helpless. The level of

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Is Your IT Security Policy Enough?

You can come up with the best game plan in the world, but it will be useless until it’s put into action. In the same way, simply having an IT security policy isn’t enough; it needs to be practiced to be worthwhile. That’s not to say that the content of your IT policy is unimportant.

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Tired of Computer Network Problems Bringing Your Business to Its Knees?

According to an NBC News survey Americans worry about money and work more than they think about sex, this includes corporate CEOs across the nation. While the majority of what we worry about never actually materializes, fretting can take its toll on our health, relationships, and general outlook on life. Typically, the more out of

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The Weakest Link in Your Network

It doesn’t matter how great the lock is. If someone leaves the front door open, the building won’t be secure. The same principle is true in cybersecurity. For all of the technical ingenuity that goes into protecting digital assets – the firewalls, the levels of encryption, the access controls – the biggest potential danger to

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ransomware attack

Ransomware Aftermath – Recover Your Data or Start Over

No organization wants to end up here: facing the computer, files locked, with a demand for payment glaring from the frozen screen in mockery – the victim of a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, in 2017, more people and businesses than in any previous year found themselves in just this situation. Ransomware attack frequency increased by upwards

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cyber security for medical

6 Cyber Security Tips for Medical Offices

There is more digital personal health data in existence than ever before. And health data in general is less secure than ever before – witness the unprecedented number of cyber attacks and the increase in compromised health data over the past year. All is not lost, though; part of the reason for the unprecedented data

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manufacturing cyber security

5 Cybersecurity Tips for Manufacturers that Will Prevent Expensive Downtime

I’m not sure congratulations are in order here, but during the second quarter of 2017 manufacturers attained the number one spot becoming the top targeted sector for cyber-attacks. According to the US National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), 39% of all cyber-attacks in 2016 were against the manufacturing industry. Since the beginning of 2017 attacks

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The Importance of Business IT Security

In order for your company to be as financially sound as possible, your technology infrastructure needs to run efficiently with minimal downtime. After all, if your employees are unable to work because of network issues, your business loses money. This is why business IT security is one of the most important parts of running your

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