Top 10 Collaboration Tools in 2018

Collaboration has officially replaced teamwork as the word to describe how people work together to accomplish amazing results in less time. While personal relationships obviously still matter, collaboration tools create the framework where people can share ideas and information quickly and without traditional face-to-face meetings. With new apps popping up daily, it can be difficult

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How Secure is the Cloud in 2018?

Let’s take a moment to be grateful for this fact: the cloud doesn’t sound as mysterious in 2018 as it did five years ago. Flashback to a few years ago, and the cloud was a major business buzzword – and like all major buzzwords, its true meaning was shrouded in high levels of obscurity. What

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cloud computing

Why BYOD Cloud Computing Can Save Your Company Money

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is gaining strength in America. But just how widespread is it? Along with cloud computing, the popularity for smaller businesses to use this model is steadily increasing. Sixty percent of businesses currently use a BYOD model, and forecasters suggest that number will rise to 90 percent in the

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file sharing

Folder Permissions, File Sharing, and You

Having a file sharing system for your business is critical – there’s simply no way around it. Whether it is on Google Drive or a more complicated file sharing service, you have hopefully set up some folder permissions. These folder permissions are absolutely essential when it comes to IT security, and they are often the

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