Should You Allow Remote Work on Personal Devices?

When Martin Cooper first invented the handheld cell phone in 1973, there was no way he could have predicted the extent to which it has taken over the modern lifestyle. For many people, your cell phone is akin to another limb. If you leave the house without it, you may feel cut off from the

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How to Choose IT Services in Frederick

Many businesses will eventually experience the point in their growth when an IT service provider becomes necessary. Whether you’re handling large amounts of data or you need a network that integrates all of your devices and files, you’re not going to want to do it on your own. Choosing the right IT service in Frederick,

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5 Trends for IT Services in Frederick, Maryland

Today’s business world is constantly changing, and that impacts the local business environment in Frederick. The context: Frederick, Maryland is a small-to-medium sized city with a lot of small-to-medium sized businesses. Frederick is also starting to see growth in its STEM industries with companies such as Thermo-Fisher Scientific and Yakabod. This growth brings an increasing

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Top 10 Collaboration Tools in 2018

Collaboration has officially replaced teamwork as the word to describe how people work together to accomplish amazing results in less time. While personal relationships obviously still matter, collaboration tools create the framework where people can share ideas and information quickly and without traditional face-to-face meetings. With new apps popping up daily, it can be difficult

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How Secure is the Cloud in 2018?

Let’s take a moment to be grateful for this fact: the cloud doesn’t sound as mysterious in 2018 as it did five years ago. Flashback to a few years ago, and the cloud was a major business buzzword – and like all major buzzwords, its true meaning was shrouded in high levels of obscurity. What

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cloud applications

3 Cloud Applications Essential to Your Company

The Cloud. By now, you have more than likely heard about this magical place where all of your data, programs, and more live – far removed from where you can see them. Actually, it’s not magical at all. Using the cloud – and cloud applications – can help save your company a lot of money

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remote IT support

The Downside to Remote IT Support

Does this sound familiar? You have a presentation to make in front of board members tomorrow, but something is wrong with your company’s servers. You contact the remote IT support team you hired because they seemed like a good idea at the time, only to find out they won’t be able to help you until

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cloud computing

Why BYOD Cloud Computing Can Save Your Company Money

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is gaining strength in America. But just how widespread is it? Along with cloud computing, the popularity for smaller businesses to use this model is steadily increasing. Sixty percent of businesses currently use a BYOD model, and forecasters suggest that number will rise to 90 percent in the

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managed firewall protection

If You’re Using BYOD, Is Your Current Firewall Enough?

More and more companies are using the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model to help save money on infrastructure, especially smaller companies. With employees bringing their own computers, phones, and tablets, to use in the office, is your current firewall enough to protect your business? This is where managed firewall protection comes in. Sixty percent

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hipaa compliance

Are HIPAA Compliance Worries Keeping You Up at Night?

The rules and regulations for HIPAA compliance are quite lengthy. Sometimes a little, innocent mistake could come with a tremendous fine for the violation. It’s enough to keep anyone awake at night. The general rule of thumb is that it will take you a few years to get up to speed with HIPAA because it’s

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