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Total Network Security

The paperless office, the digital office, teaming, collaboration, remote workspace. The digital age has given us so much more than we ever expected and with the introduction of Google’s G-Suite, Office 365, SharePoint, Confluence and the host of other online collaborative mediums, network security has become even more necessary than ever. What has brought us closer together has also brought the cyber criminals closer and has made us more vulnerable.

Network compromises are no longer the things of movies, with dark rooms, cigarettes and coffee. The availability of advanced networking techniques through training in multiple mediums can allow any number of people to learn enough to be truly dangerous.


At Swift Systems we leverage industry best practices for security policies and regulatory compliance, and select best-in-class security products to minimize risk.


By enforcing password complexity rules, careful user access control, automatic screen locks, and educating our customers to the dangers of phishing and malware, we enhance security where our customers need it most – the human interaction.

Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Sophos allow us to take care of the digital and physical risks as well. Our partnership with Sophos provides an entire suite of security products that are ever evolving to defend against the increasing threat of cyber terrorism.

  • Firewalls (providing Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems – IDS/IPS),
  • Endpoint Protection for Anti-Virus and Malware protection on both desktops & servers,
  • Intercept-X to defend against the ever increasing threat of Ransomware,
  • Encryption for your Mobile Devices such as tablets & laptops,
  • Mobile Device Management to encrypt, enforce security policies, provide remote wipe capabilities and more for your cell phone and other devices.

Our experience in multiple industries such as manufacturing, IT Healthcare, corporate offices, churches, schools, real estate and more have allowed us to tailor security to your custom requirements faster and more effectively than our competitors. If you want your network to be truly be secure, reach out to Swift Systems –  your trusted IT partner!