24/7 Helpdesk Support

What is an IT Help Desk?

Have you ever had problems with your computer, printer, or server? I am sure you have, and when you do the next few hours are filled with Google searches and frustration. This is where our IT Help Desk services step in.

As one of the top locally managed IT service companies in Maryland, we have IT professionals dedicated to your account. Whether it is as simple as Microsoft Word not opening, or more complicated issues with your server, our IT specialists can log in and fix the problem, in near-real-time, remotely.

24/7/365 Help Desk Services

During business hours, Swift Systems guarantees a four-hour response time to all of our customers. We offer after-hours options for emergency support requests. A 15-minute emergency response time is guaranteed to contract customers, along with customized support for enterprise business needs detailing a critical escalation plan and specialist assignments.

How Does the Service Work?

Our IT helpdesk service comes as a part of one of our managed IT services. It is just one of the many advantages you get with a managed IT plan.

Other services include

  • Day-to-Day IT Management
  • Ad-Hoc IT Projects Support
  • Virtual CIO: Consulting, Project, & Design Services
  • Backup, Information Security, Disaster Avoidance, & Compliance

For a fixed monthly fee, you have a dedicated engineer who is intimately familiar with your IT infrastructure. Not only that, but they are backed up by an expert team of IT professionals with a wide range of skills. Regardless of how much or long you need them for, you pay the exact same price.

Want more information?

If having IT experts just a phone call away interests you, please reach out. This is the best way to get the IT help you need. It provides the highest value at a low fixed cost to critical IT environments. Talk to you soon!