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The Best Places to Work, Work Together

Some of the best IT jobs in Frederick MD are right here in Frederick. As a county, Frederick has creative companies, great benefits, and attractive area amenities - and no other county can match the

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it management

Your Options for IT Management

Every company comes to a point in growth where IT management goes from an hour a week to a full-time job. Putting out fires is suddenly taking up half your day, and you can’t seem to find time for

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Why an On-Site IT Team is Not a Luxury, But A Necessity

When first starting a business, you are the IT team. If your keyboard stops working, you fix it yourself. If your internet is slow, you fiddle with the router. When your business grows, however,

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free conference call services

News Update: The Gig is Up on Free Conference Call Services

If you are one of the 250 million users that use or another one of those free conference call services, you may feel like you struck gold. Bill Gates himself couldn’t have

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How Real Is the Attack

“Kansas Heart Hospital declined to pay the second ransom, saying that would not be wise. Security experts, meanwhile, are warning that ransomware attacks will only get worse.” Cyber-attacks

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What Are the Costs of HIPAA Violations?

If you are in the health care industry, you know how serious the impact of HIPAA violations can be on your business. This hasn’t always been the case. In fact, in the past, as long as nothing bad

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IT Crisis Planning: It Doesn’t Matter, Until it Does

IT crisis planning is like life insurance: IT doesn’t matter and won’t change anything until it does. You may be able to run your business for 30 years with no IT problems (hah), or maybe

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Planning for Your IT Guy’s Vacation

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the IT guy of a small business to go on vacation. If the business owner acts as the IT guy, then it looks like vacation is not happening for them

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What to Do with That Old Computer

Every company has those old computers sitting around that haven’t been used for years - those backups of backups of backups. And, of course, no one ever gets around to throwing them away, because

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How to Make IT a Competitive Advantage

Your IT department should be a resource, not a necessary evil. It should be an asset, not a liability. If your IT department is nothing but another monthly expense, you are missing out on what could

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