hipaa compliance

Are HIPAA Compliance Worries Keeping You Up at Night?

The rules and regulations for HIPAA compliance are quite lengthy. Sometimes a little, innocent mistake could come with a tremendous fine for the violation. It’s enough to keep anyone awake at

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multi-site IT networks, cloud

Growing your business through multi-site IT networks

For a growing business, one location is typically not enough. With enough personnel and capital, many businesses prefer to set up multiple offices to attract different regions of customers. The

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cloud services

Should I Invest in Cloud Services for My Business?

For most businesses, it’s always a difficult decision – should we use in-house servers so we can keep all of our information close, or should we focus on using cloud services to handle the

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hipaa cloud hosting

Can Your Practice Use Cloud Hosting and Still Be HIPAA Compliant?

When it comes to personal medical information, HIPAA rules are set up to protect that information from getting into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, in today’s world, hackers continue to attack

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With Ransomware Attacks on the Rise, Is Your Company a Target?

Imagine hackers getting past your security, encrypting your files, and telling you if you ever want to use them again, you must pay the hackers to get a key to unlock your files. Welcome to the world

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hipaa compliance cloud storage

Busting HIPAA Compliance Cloud Storage Myths

Cloud storage is the wave of the future – being able to store all of your files off-site without having to purchase expensive servers and keep up with a staff of IT professionals, it all makes for

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technical support

Does Your Business Need Technical Support? The Answer is Always Yes

All businesses, no matter how small, use computers and other types of technology. It has become as mandatory in the office as having paper and a coffee maker. Depending on the size of the

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cloud infrastructure

What is Cloud Infrastructure?

What exactly is cloud storage or cloud computing? Today, most people could give you a pretty good answer. Answers will probably range from “It’s a virtual site that can house your files so you

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Ransomware Viruses 101: How to Protect your Company from Being Held Hostage

Close your eyes and imagine this scene: You come home after a long day of work to find your house completely sealed, you can’t get in, and your key no longer works. Peering through the window

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IT Consultant

Avoid the High Cost of Business Downtime, Partner with an IT Consultant

Think your Small to Mid-Sized company Can’t Afford an IT Consultant? Think Again. I know the face you’re making after reading this headline, it’s the same one I make when my teenager says

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