Data Center / Colocation

Securing your up-time, data, and trust

Swift Systems state-of-the-art data centers and colocation services are designed to provide maximum uptime, reliability, security, and longevity for customer equipment and systems in Maryland and the surrounding region. Our superior design is accomplished through managed temperature and humidity controls, redundant conditioned power sources, onsite backup power generation, and strong physical and operational controls. We operate open use data centers, not open data centers. All access is secure, managed, and limited, but available at all times to our customers. Our strong operational controls have enabled Swift Systems to deliver a true 99.999% uptime for 5 years running with greater than 3 consecutive years of zero operational downtime.

Operational Standards Compliance (NIST 800-53, SSAE-16 Type II, etc.)

SSAE-16 Type II (SOC 1)Swift Systems owns and operates data centers that are fully compliant with NIST SP 800-53 and SSAE-16 Type II standards. Swift Systems assures continuity of operations by incorporating a full value add suite of solutions for mass storage, data and application replication, automated fail-over, and off-site continuity into focused single source turnkey solutions.  We build, support, update, and maintain our own mission critical shared platforms, with this experience we lead the industry up-times.

Maryland Data Center Services

Our secure, managed state-of-the-art colocation centers in Maryland provide the infrastructure, monitoring capabilities, and technical services and support needed to keep your data and systems safe and secure. Customer equipment in enclosed racks is not accessible to others, and access into the data centers is always escorted. Our data centers are connected to multiple separate Telcos and Tier 1 Internet access providers through multiple upstream and peer connections that are Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) enabled. These connections provide instant failover and intelligent load balancing across our physically diverse connectivity.  Connectivity is delivered via fault-tolerant fiber connections with dual diverse entry and multiple Telcos. Redundant power systems, massive UPS systems, onsite diesel and natural gas generators, high-current automated transfer switches, and individually managed power receptacles all contribute to our stellar uptime record and reliability. Click here to read more about our data center specifications.


Swift’s engineers are certified in business enterprise technologies and provide support from design and deployment to operational management and remediation.  Swift Systems offers solutions capable of transparently failing over critical applications to run on backup systems in real time.  We bundle these skills and solutions together to offer comprehensive and complete packages for business continuity that include storage replication and fail-over, remote application access, and redundant network infrastructures. Engineers provide remote assistance, contract, project based, and full managed services programs (MSP).  Our team is certified in Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Unix, and other deployed technologies, and are highly experienced in performing end-to-end network to application operations within tightly controlled, regulated, and mission critical environments.

Colocation & Rack Space Options

Traditional rack space and managed hosting services – include bandwidth delivered via managed ports that give you a crisp flow without having to worry about overages. Our basic offerings include mounting space in an enclosed rack, ping, pipe, power, and basic port monitoring, and we offer additional services such as full managed services and application deployment, management, and ongoing support.

Private Servers – An economical solution for on-demand services assuring security and accessibility.

Dedicated Servers – Solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise customer, very busy sites, and companies with shared data security concerns, or customers that require discreet and peak demand ready systems.

Mirrored Servers – Disaster recovery systems you can’t afford to ignore. Swift Systems engineers design and deploy custom fail-over solutions such as offsite “standby” mirrors of your critical systems. Organizations receive maximum level of assurance of continuity in the event of a catastrophe. Hardware (or a virtual server) and software combinations are designed and deployed to completely replicate your mission critical applications to a platform in our data centers or yours.

Managed Servers – Turnkey managed servers and tailored software solutions custom matched to your unique needs. We provide everything from setup, load balancing (if needed), maintenance, and ping, pipe, and power, along with the necessary support to keep you running, hands free.

Call 301.682.5100 or 877.SWIFT.S.I (877.794.3874), email a Swift Systems account representative, or complete the form below for more information concerning our Maryland Data Center / Colocation services.