computer networking in maryland

What Exactly Does Computer Networking in Maryland Look Like?

There’s a good chance you know you have a computer network for your company, but you don’t know what exactly it really is or what it does. Sure, it connects computers, right? Maybe it connects your laptop to a server or something? There’s a lot to learn, and this article will give you a better

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remote IT support

The Downside to Remote IT Support

Does this sound familiar? You have a presentation to make in front of board members tomorrow, but something is wrong with your company’s servers. You contact the remote IT support team you hired because they seemed like a good idea at the time, only to find out they won’t be able to help you until

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cloud computing

Why BYOD Cloud Computing Can Save Your Company Money

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is gaining strength in America. But just how widespread is it? Along with cloud computing, the popularity for smaller businesses to use this model is steadily increasing. Sixty percent of businesses currently use a BYOD model, and forecasters suggest that number will rise to 90 percent in the

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hipaa compliance

Are HIPAA Compliance Worries Keeping You Up at Night?

The rules and regulations for HIPAA compliance are quite lengthy. Sometimes a little, innocent mistake could come with a tremendous fine for the violation. It’s enough to keep anyone awake at night. The general rule of thumb is that it will take you a few years to get up to speed with HIPAA because it’s

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cloud services

Should I Invest in Cloud Services for My Business?

For most businesses, it’s always a difficult decision – should we use in-house servers so we can keep all of our information close, or should we focus on using cloud services to handle the load? On the one hand, of course you always want your information close to you. There’s a sense of safety and

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ransomware attacks in maryland

With Ransomware Attacks on the Rise, Is Your Maryland Company a Target?

Imagine hackers getting past your security, encrypting your files, and telling you if you ever want to use them again, you must pay the hackers to get a key to unlock your files. Welcome to the world of ransomware. Long are the days of hackers installing nasty viruses on your computer where, even though it

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technical support in maryland

Yes, Your Business Needs Technical Support in Maryland

All businesses, no matter how small, use computers and other types of technology. It has become as mandatory in the office as having paper and a coffee maker. Depending on the size of the business, your company could have just a couple of computers, printers, etc., to a full-on array of computers, servers, VoIP phones,

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The Definitive List of IT acronyms

When you live in the world of IT, it can be tough to remember that to normal people, the acronyms we use on a daily basis aren’t exactly standard knowledge. To help, we’ve compiled this definitive list of IT acronyms to give you a head start on the language of the industry. So, without further

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What is a Virtual Data Center?

Those of us immersed in IT on a daily basis often forget that, for most people, many of the technical phrases we use can sound like a foreign language. The term “virtual data center” is a good example. So, what exactly is a virtual data center? If you’re not sure, don’t worry – we’re here

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Why Should I Move My Servers to the Cloud?

It’s a fact of life: all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, the same is true of your trusty old server. It may have given you years of good use, but these days, applications are running slowly and data isn’t being processed at the same speed that it used to be. You can

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